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Filler Reversal

Unfortunately, sometimes filler is not placed in the optimal facial plane/location, leaving the patient unhappy or uncomfortable. Sometimes filler can migrate over time, even if everything went perfectly. This can include lumps and bumps, “filler mustache,” or irregularities under the eyes. On the rare occasion filler has been placed inside of a blood vessel, we have a reversal agent to remove the filler. 
We use a solution called Hylanex (Hyaluronidase) which is injected under ultrasound guidance into the area of concern. This substance breaks down the dermal filler which exits the body through natural processes of elimination. After it is injected, some results will be immediate, with the most significant change within 24-48 hours after injection. Please note that only Hyaluronic acid fillers are reversible. We cannot remove non-dissolvable fillers such as Radiesse, silicone, ect., nor do we offer them at Maria Hawkins Aesthetics.