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Botox Reduces Sweat!

We recently had a patient (Nurse Julie) who wanted help with her overactive sweat glands. She didn’t know that when administered properly, Botox reduces sweat. We worked with her to resolve the problem – here’s how it happened:
Nurse Julie’s left wrist has had a sweating problem since she was a teenager. She was never able to wear anything on that arm – no watches, jewelry, or bracelets, since they would always slide off or suffer damage from the oils in her skin. 
She eventually came to terms that she would just have to wear her watch on her right hand and moved on-until she heard about how Botox was being used to reduce excessive sweating through our Instagram.
We had recently administered Botox to a patient’s armpits, and the results were promising. 
Botox blocks the nerve signals that are responsible for sweating, which in turn prevents the sweat glands from becoming overactive. This has been a well known side effect of botox and has been used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis for years.
Dr. Harlan set up an appointment with nurse Julie to see if it would work just as well on her wrist. The process was quick, taking no longer than 10 minutes. 
The injection site was sanitized and sprinkled with a combination of cornstarch and betadine solution to produce a visual representation of Nurse Julie’s overactive sweat glands. The dark purple spots highlighting her sweat glands were used as a guide to mark where Dr. Harlan was going to inject the Botox.
Nurse Julie, who has never had Botox, said that she didn’t feel any pain during injection and described her wrist feeling “a little tight” for about an hour after the procedure. She was able to get right back to work.
“I always assumed it [Botox] was cosmetic. I had no idea it could be used to treat excessive sweating!” she says. “I’ve always been slow to come around to doing cosmetic stuff, but I’m definitely going to keep up with this – I’m excited to go out and buy some bracelets!”
Want to learn more about how we can use Botox to help calm down your overactive sweat glands?
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