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Ready to book your first Botox appointment? Here’s a quick rundown: 

It’s important to do your research before your first Botox appointment. Here’s some basic info to get you started:
BOTOX® is a substance that temporarily relaxes the muscles in your face that cause crow’s feet, laugh lines, and other forms of wrinkles. It’s typically injected via sterile needle, and results in younger, smoother-looking skin.
Important Note: This treatment does not paralyze your face completely or result in unnatural appearances (despite what media stereotypes may tell you) as long as it’s done by a qualified and experienced provider.
According to experts, the best time to get BOTOX® is no earlier than your mid-to-late twenties or early thirties. While it’s not recommended to wait until wrinkles are deep to start BOTOX®, it’s never too late to treat them.

Here’s what you can expect from your first Botox appointment with Harlan Hawkins:

 1. We start you off with an optional, but recommended, consultation. 

We’ll schedule some time to talk one-on-one about your skincare goals and the next best steps to achieve them. Consultations normally last 30 minutes and can be scheduled as a separate appointment, or take place on the same day as your treatment.
Our consultation/booking fee is $100, and then that amount is automatically applied to the treatment option you move forward with.
Please note: A consultation is not required for botox, but is necessary for scheduling filler appointments.

2. You’ll sign some forms.

For your safety, we have all of our patients fill out new patient forms which includes your medical history, allergies and cosmetic questionnaire. This process usually takes about 5 minutes.

3. We’ll take some before photos.

These are first and foremost used for medical purposes – we keep your before-photos on file as a part of your patient history with us. We don’t share these photos on our website or social media without your consent.

4. We’ll prep your face.

Next, we’ll clean the treatment areas and mark any injection sites. We’ll take this time to go over your treatment all while showing you in a mirror to make sure that you’re comfortable with the plan.

5. We’ll inject your face.

We have multiple modalities for pain control while administering the treatments. We use a combination of ice, vibrating distraction, topical and/or injectable numbing medication depending on your needs. Most people find botox injections to be a 1/10 on the pain scale with our techniques.

6. We’ll go over post-treatment instructions together. 

We’ll provide you with post-procedure instructions that will help you care for the injection sites at home. We’ll talk about what to do if you experience bruising (which is normal and usually fairly mild) or any other side effects.

7. How will I look?

No different! You may have slight redness and a little bump in the skin where the botox was injected which will go down in about 20 minutes. Rarely bruising can occur. Botox starts kicking in on day 2-4 so you won’t have any noticeable difference when leaving the office.

How much does it cost?

BOTOX® cost is measured in units and depends on how many areas are treated. 
HarlanHawkins charges $12/unit (prices are subject to change). So, if you receive 25-50 units to your forehead/frown lines and Crow’s feet you could be looking at $300 – $600 for that treatment on average.

Still want to learn more? 

Still not sure how much you may need? Talk to us! We’re happy to talk about the different options and what to expect at your first BOTOX® appointment. Give us a call at (410) 575-3516 or email us at [email protected].