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Do I need BOTOX®?

When should I get BOTOX®?
These are widely asked and debated questions among the cosmetic community – our personal take is you need BOTOX® when YOU need it. 
For example, BOTOX® addresses* multiple signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, chin dimpling, and uneven skin texture.
For fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend starting BOTOX® when you notice lines in certain areas of your face while at rest (forehead, around eyes, bridge of nose). 
*It’s also widely used for migraine treatment, excessive sweating, and jaw clenching – we’ll discuss medical uses for BOTOX® at another time.

How does BOTOX® work?

We will go deeper on this topic in another post, but to summarize – repeated facial muscle contraction by frowning, squinting, raising eyebrows, etc. causes skin to furrow and fold, which eventually becomes permanent. BOTOX® blocks the signals from nerves to the muscles, helping to reduce muscle activity, allowing them to become more relaxed and less stiff. 

When should I start BOTOX®?

Most experts agree that the best time to start BOTOX® is in your mid to late 20s and early 30s. In general, getting it earlier would be considered wrinkle prevention and we would likely treat you in lower doses. 
While we do not recommend waiting until wrinkles are deep to begin treating them with BOTOX®, it is never too late to treat them – though with this approach, lines will often soften but not disappear completely.

How long does BOTOX® last?

Effects of BOTOX® can last 3-4 months, depending on dosage and individual factors, such as genetics, lifestyle choices, and/or personal aesthetic preferences.
Higher doses of BOTOX® tend to last longer, while lower dosages (often used for wrinkle prevention) may not last as long. However, keep in mind that your needs and aesthetic goals are unique to you. 
At Harlan Hawkins we will take the time to assess your face and expressions, discuss your needs and desires, and recommend treatments just for you.
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